The concept behind the posters was that we presented fantastical daydreams - notions of what the future might look like in a typical teenager’s head. These were ‘wouldn’t it be great’ kind of scenarios that are universal. So, a brilliant footballing career like Messi; a love affair with a Hollywood heartthrob and the perennial million euro lottery win. Any of these futures would guarantee you were set for life. And by implication, school was an unnecessary waste of time.
This daydream was then punctured by the copy with the gist that ‘Unless this future is likely to be yours – you need to go to school’. The copy was to speak to the viewer as a wake up call with a smile.

These scenarios were depicted in humorous, attractive illustrations by Ballymun native Aoife – who was briefed with making each execution her own through her use of language, humour and anything else that would make it feel youthful and local. Our target audience of teenagers are a cynical audience and in order NOT to talk down to them or patronize them, we felt this was a useful exercise. And as Aoife’s from that area, we felt her colloquialisms were close to their own use of slang. Everything was tailored to speak to them in a way that wasn’t ‘of school’. There was to be no obvious inkling that these were school sponsored posters. We wanted to communicate to them, under the radar as it were.

School leaver posters

A series of posters aimed at early school-leavers in Ballymun. Illustrated by the talented (and local) Aoife Dooley) they attempted to dispel what many kids thought they might do in the future – win the lotto, become a premiership footballer or marry a Hollywood star!

Concept, copy
Ballymun Whitehall partnership
Outdoor – 6 sheets