Dog’s Trust Poster Earned Media

Our charity client had never done outdoor before and their tiny budget didn’t allow for it, or at least in a conventional campaign. So we bought a couple of PIPs - and customized them in a way that enhanced the poignant messaging of the campaign.

‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ is a line that is so well known it already lives beyond advertising. But its success has almost rendered the strapline meaningless. The client wanted to impress upon the public the reality of the day after Christmas, when they would literally have dogs tied to their rescue centre railings. If nothing else this cost effective medium allowed us to do something provocative on a small scale – and then allow the internet to spread it far and wide. In the lead up to Christmas, we just took a snap of one of the few posters we could afford to do, and posted it online. Within weeks it had gone global, with hundreds of thousands of commenters chatting about it and provoking debate – earning our client a priceless amount of free media and exposure.

Until recently, it received 362,757 views on; 10,223 people were positively engaged enough to rate it on and 635 gave it the thumbs up on Not bad for a production budget of €275.